Another meeting of the technical dialogue was held in Brussels

Brussels, 10 October 2015

On 10 October, 2015, the delegation of the Republic of Kosovo, led by Minister Edita Tahiri attended a meeting on the technical dialogue regarding the implementation of agreements, which had stagnations and delays.

This meeting was a continuation of talks that started on 28 and 29 September.

The discussion in this regard was focused on the free movement, diplomas, liaison offices and the return of cadastral records from Serbia.

The main topic was freedom of movement, or more precisely the implementation of reciprocity for the vehicle registration plates. On this occasion, Minister Tahiri reaffirmed the position of the Government of Kosovo to apply reciprocity on the issue of vehicle plates. She stressed that the Kosovo side has decided to use the right to reciprocity, recognized by the 2011 agreement of free movement. She said that reciprocity will also include administrative fees for these plates and the entry/exit document for the citizens of Serbia.

As for the mutual recognition of university diplomas, parties agreed to implement the new agreement.

Minister Tahiri also raised the issue of Serbia’s interferences as for preventing Albanians from Presevo Valley to receive the textbooks sent by the government of Kosovo government, stressing that cooperation on issues of knowledge and education is in everyone’s interest and warning for reciprocity measures in this regard.

On the issue of the return of cadastral documents from Serbia, it was stated that Kosovo should as soon as possible adopt the law on the technical Agency, because it will open the way for the return of cadastral documents that Serbia has taken during the war.

Whereas for Liaison Offices, parties agreed to increase the staff and to improve the space of the current offices.

The delegation of the Republic of Kosovo, headed by Minister for dialogue Edita Tahiri, was composed of: Dren Zeka, chief political adviser to Minister Edita Tahiri and coordinator of the dialogue; Driton Gashi, General Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Kreshnik Gashi, Secretary-General of the MFA; Xhelal Shaqiri, political director of the MFA; Valdet Sadiku, LO in Serbia; Qemajl Marmullakaj, the OSP Director and coordinator of the dialogue.