The meeting on the Removal of Barricades was held in Brussels

Brussels, 23 July 2014

Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri with the delegation of the Republic of Kosovo, participated in a meeting for the removal of barricades from the Ibar River Bridge, which was held in Brussels.

Tahiri presented the position of the Government of Kosovo, by stating that “the placing of barricades is unacceptable and is contrary to Kosovo laws and European standards”. As such, she asked for their removal.

In the bilateral meeting with the delegation of the Republic of Kosovo, the EU Representative Mr. Fernando Gentilini confirmed EU’s position “that barricades should be removed, in order to allow freedom of movement”.

Tahiri stated that the Government of Kosovo remains committed to coordinate actions with European Union in relation to the removal of the barricade in the Ibar River Bridge, as well as other obstacles around it.

Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri assured all citizens of Mitrovicë/a that these barricades will be removed and the Bridge will be a national road, as it has always been, where citizens will be allowed to move freely.

At the tripartite meeting with the proposal of EU, the parties agreed to remove the barricades and revitalize the bridge in a gradual and parallel process; a process in which the EU will engage directly, including the financial assistance for projects aimed at improving the lives of all citizens of Mitrovicë/a.

EU Special Representative in Kosovo, Mr. Samuel Zbogar presented the EU plan on the bridge.

In September 2014, experts engaged by the EU would present the evaluation outcomes to proceed then, with the complete revitalization and functioning of the Bridge, in the view of free movement.

The parties also agreed to continue the moratorium which prohibits any action on placing barricades in that part. In case of failure to comply with this moratorium, relevant institutions of the Republic of Kosovo would respond.

Delegation of Deputy Prime Miniter Edita Tahiri consisted as follows: Fisnik Rexhepi, Senior Political Adviser to Minister Rexhepi; Besnik Osmani, Secretary General of the Ministry of Local Government Administration; Arben Çitaku, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning; Agim Bahtiri, Mayor of South Mitrovica; Goran Rakic, Mayor of Mitrovica North; Sami Zeka, Director of Urbanism in South Mitrovica; and Ljubo Maric, member of the Management Team for the establishment of the Association.