The regular meeting on Cross-Border Vehicle Insurance

Rome, 25-26 January 2014

During 25-26 January 2014, the delegation of the Republic of Kosovo, led by Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri, took part in the regular meeting on cross-border vehicle insurance, in Rome.

Talks were focused on finding a better solution for the cross-border vehicle insurances, which would offer more favorable prices and would facilitate the free movement of citizens of both countries.

The Kosovo side demanded that a possible agreement should be based on the principle of reciprocity.

In these meetings, parties discussed the important aspects of this process and exchanged views about the best European models for cooperation between countries in the field of cross-border vehicle insurance, namely cooperation between insurance industry organizations of the respective states.

The issue will be continue to be discussed in upcoming meetings, until an agreement that serves the interest of citizens is reached.

The Kosovo delegation estimated that the participation of the European Bureau of Insurance as a guarantor party to this agreement will enhance the prospects for a greater cooperation between the Kosovo Insurance Bureau and the European Bureau of Insurance.

The Kosovo delegation was led by Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri and was composed of: Qemajl Marmullakaj from OPM and Rahim Pacolli, head of the delegation of the Kosovo Insurance Bureau.