Negotiations for Kosovo’s Country Code

Brussels, 16 August 2016

On 16 August 2016, Kosovo delegation participated at a meeting held on the issue of telecom.

On this meeting’s agenda, the main point was the completion of steps towards obtaining the telephony country code (+383).

The meeting did result on some progress as for closing open issues of technical nature, but the Serbian side expressed a tendency of re-opening the telecom agreement; which was categorically rejected by the delegation of Kosovo.

During the heated discussions, Minister Tahiri reminded to Serbian side that “these are interstate internationally mediated negotiations, while the political hypocrisy of the Serbian side is infinite for the fact that they signed an agreement with the state of Kosovo with international guarantees and on the other side during the implementation, they try to get out of the agreement”.

In the Kosovo delegation, led by Minister Tahiri were: Dren Zeka, chief political adviser to Minister Tahiri and Gazmir Raci, adviser and political coordinator for the telecom; Kreshnik Gashi, head of the expert group and chairman of the board of RAEPC and the board members: Nijazi Ademaj, Hazir Hajdari, Bahri Anadolli, Shqiprim Pula; Ilir Imeri, head of electronic communications; Visar Halimi, head of the department for frequency management; Astrit Ajvazi, chief of department for radio monitoring and inspection in RAEPC; Zana Bejta, head of the legal department at IPKO Telecommunications; and Valeza Oruqi from the Kosovo Embassy in Brussels