The meeting on the Mutual Recognition of Diplomas

Brussels 29 September, 2015

The delegation of Kosovo, led by Minister Edita Tahiri, and composed of the Minister Arsim Bajrami, Qemajl Marmullakaj, Hysen Bytyci and Arjeta Rexhaj has reached an agreement on mutual recognition of diplomas with the delegation of Serbia.

Through this agreement, parties extended the scope of diploma recognition to all levels of education.

Among others they agreed that the process of certification of degrees will continue through the certification by the European University Association (EUA), which will then be recognized by the respective countries. This agreement also defines the monitoring mechanism for the implementation process, which consists of three parties (Kosovo, EU, and Serbia).

The agreement on mutual recognition of diplomas will help the Albanian population in Presevo Valley who mainly pursue their studies in institutions of Kosovo and who need to return and serve in their countries.

In this meeting, Ministers Tahiri and Bajrami further mentioned the distribution of textbooks to Presevo Valley and requested the assistance of EU in this regard.