Implementation of Agreement on Liaison Offices between Kosovo and Serbia was discussed in Brussels

Brussels, 7 March 2014

On 7 March 2014, the working group on assessing the level of implementation of the agreement on liaison offices met in Brussels.

Tahiri stated that the opening of respective diplomatic offices between Kosovo and Serbia is a contribution to the good neighborhood and regional stability and added that there has been progress on the implementation of various aspects of the agreement.

However, with the support of the EU, there is a necessity for further advancement of the purpose and the mission of these offices; which should contribute to the normalization of relations between the two countries.

The delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri was composed of: Mimoza Ahmetaj, Kosovo’s Ambassador to Brussels; Albert Prenkaj, General Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Valdet Sadiku, head of the Special Mission of the Republic of Kosovo in Serbia; Dren Zeka and Visar Xani, political advisors to Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri; and Pëllumb Kallaba, Chief of Minister Enver Hoxhaj’s Cabinet.