Discussions on the implementation of the reached agreements

Brussels, 26 February 2015

On 26 February, 2015, Kosovo Minister for Dialogue, Edita Tahiri met with representatives of the European Union in Brussels. The purpose of this visit, was discussing the achievements and determining priorities of the dialogue.

Minister Edita Tahiri, on this occasion said that “the Government of the Republic of Kosovo considers that the implementation of agreements is a priority issue adding that the agreement reached on justice is a resumption of dialogue, but its implementation should be quick and should not to allow delays from Serbia”. She also requested “to accelerate the process of dissolving the structure of so-called civil protection”.

Minister Tahiri specifically asked to end the functioning of all Serb parallel municipal structures. She emphasized that “the functioning of municipal legal structures in northern Kosovo is hampered by Serbia’s interference”.

The EU delegation was composed of: Anna-Maria Boura, Alexis Hupin, Cendrowicz Nicholas and Mary Cicconi.

Delegation of the Republic of Kosovo was composed of: Minister Edita Tahiri; Gazmir Raci and Elona Cecelia. political advisers to Minister Tahiri; and Valon Murtezaj, political advisor to Prime Minister Isa Mustafa.