The second meeting on Migration was held in Brussels

Brussels, 16 April 2015

On 16 April, 2015, Delegation of Kosovo, led by Minister for Dialogue Edita Tahiri, attended the second meeting on the issue of illegal migration which was organized by the European Commission. The meeting was focused in assessing the situation of illegal migration in Kosovo, as well as the measures related to the prevention of this phenomenon.

In this bilateral meeting between the Kosovo delegation and representatives of the European Commission, the efforts of Kosovo’s government to stop the phenomenon of illegal migration of Kosovo citizens in EU countries were positively evaluated.

Representatives of the European Commission declared that Kosovo has demonstrated an efficient commitment towards stopping the phenomenon of migration and is committed to the return of the exiles and their reintegration.

Minister Tahiri asked from the EU to stay committed to assist Kosovo in becoming a member in all regional organizations dealing with the phenomenon of migration, including MARRI. Minister Tahiri further asked for visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens to enable them to experience the freedom of movement.

Later on, a tripartite meeting was held, where the delegation of Serbia also joined. All parties vowed to cooperate on issues of preventing the illegal migration by emphasizing the need for mutual exchange of information and cooperation between the police authorities of both countries.

Delegation of the Republic of Kosovo, chaired by Minister Edita Tahiri had the following composition: Arjeta Rexhaj Political Adviser; Elona Cecelia, Political Adviser; Bruno Gashi, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Interior (Chairperson of the Working Group); Shaban Guda, Director of Border Department; Shqipe Mjekiqi, Senior Advisor to Minister of MIA; Valon Krasniqi, Director of Citizenship, Asylum and Migration Department in the MIA; Labinot Gashi from Kosovo Embassy in Brussels.