The Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Medicinal Products Certificates between Kosovo and Serbia was reached in principle

Brussels, 23 May 2015

On 23 May 2015, Serbia and Kosovo held the regular meeting on the issue of medicinal products in Brussels.

In this meeting they discussed the normalization of trade for medicinal products through the mutual recognition of certificates of Medicinal Products (CPP) between the two countries. They also discussed on the licensing of companies in northern part that deal with imports of medicinal products.

During the discussion held on 21 May 2015 with the Serbian party, it was agreed in principle, on the mutual recognition of medicinal products certificates between Kosovo and Serbia.

Accordingly, this means that the drugs manufactured in Serbia, which until now have been circulating in Kosovo without undergoing registration procedures, will henceforth be subject to this process and will be placed on the Kosovo market in accordance with the legislation in force. This also enables Kosovo producers to place their products on the Serbian market.

Another issue that has been discussed is the licensing of pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses which are located in four northern municipalities in Kosovo. Out of 19 companies that operate in these four municipalities, 6 are already licensed by Kosovo Medicines Agency.

The delegation of the Republic of Kosovo, headed by Minister Edita Tahiri, had the following composition, Arjeta Rexhaj, coordinator for the issue of medicinal products; Arianit Jakupi, Director of the Agency for Medical Products, Ministry of Health; Bekim Fusha, Director of the Pharmacy, Ministry of Health; and Bekim Mehmeti, Director of IBM at Kosovo Customs.