Talks on Energy between the Delegation of Kosovo and EU representatives

Brussels, 26 January 2014

The delegation of Kosovo, consisting of Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri and KOSTT Director Naim Bejtullahu, met with representatives of the European Union, Jean-Eric Paquet, Director of the Enlargement Department of the European Commission, Nicholas and Anna Maria Boura Cendrowicz.

At this meeting they discussed on energy issues and Kosovo delegation requested additional engagement to reassure the implementation of this agreement.

After the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri said that the meeting was fruitful and that they had agreed to start the implementation of the agreement on energy. Particular emphasis was devoted to completing the action plan and achieving greater engagement of all parties in terms of clarifying the obligations and deadlines.

Kosovo delegation highlighted the need to pursue a coherent approach in relation to the energy agreement, which was signed in September 2013. They also requested from the EU to increase efforts for an effective and practical implementation of this agreement, which allows normalization of interstate cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia in the field of energy and creates opportunities for normalizing the situation in the northern part of the country.

At this meeting, parties agreed that the Framework Agreement for cooperation in the field of transmission between Kosovo and Serbia should be signed by the three parties, since the EU is the guarantor of the performance in the implementation process.