A regular meeting held in Brussels on the dissolution of the so-called Civil Protection

Brussels, 20 March 2014

The delegation of Kosovo, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri, participated at the regular meeting in Brussels on the dissolution of the so-called “civil protection”.

At this meeting parties discussed about all of the actions that need to be taken regarding the full and effective dissolution of illegal structures, as agreed upon. This meant cessation of their activity, closing of their offices, handing over of the uniforms and their operational equipment.

The issue of the integration of former personnel of civil protection, who wished to join the institutions of Kosovo, was also discussed. The Kosovo delegation expressed the readiness for their integration in accordance with the legal framework of the Republic of Kosovo and in full respect to the legal requirements.

The dissolution and integration aimed at establishing law, order and stability in the northern part of Kosovo.

According to Kosovo Government, this process ends the presence of illegal Serb security structures, as well as Serbia’s intervention in Kosovo’s security sphere.

The European Union reaffirmed its commitment for the full implementation of the Brussels agreement on normalization, which is based on the principle of Serbia’s non-interference in the internal affairs of Kosovo and respect for Kosovo’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri was composed of: Dren Zeka, chief political adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri; Fisnik Rexhepi, senior political adviser to Minister Rexhepi; Rashit Qalaj, Deputy General Director of Operations of Kosovo Police; Elona Cecelia, political advisor to DPM Tahiri; and Besnik Osmani, MLA Secretary General.