High Level Meeting – 14 September 2023

On 14 September 2023 a High level dialogue tripartite meeting was held in Brussels, part of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process, between Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, supervised by European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

The meeting concluded without success, failing to identify a clear path toward normalizing relations between the two countries. According to Borrell, the disagreement between Kurti and Vučić hinders the European future for both nations.

Borrell stated, “We tried hard but, unfortunately, it was not possible to bridge the differences today”. For this failure, Borrell blamed Kosovo by saying that Kosovo’s Prime Minister “was not ready to move forward”.

The Serbian president underscored that the Prime Minister of Kosovo is steering clear of the association of municipalities.

Kurti said that in the trilateral meeting, “I was exposed to a scenario that Lajçak had designed long ago”.

The June session of the dialogue concluded without yielding evident results. Both Vučić and Kurti declined to meet face-to-face. Borrell, who engaged in separate discussions with each of them, acknowledged that they hold different interpretations of the causes and also the facts, consequences, and solutions”.