Agreement on the two new Border Points was reached in Brussels

Brussels, 22 May 2015

On 22 May 2015, the next meeting on the implementation of the IBM and the free movement agreements, between Kosovo and Serbia took place.

On this occasion, the European Commission reported that they were in the final stage of signing the contract with UNOPS, as the implementing partner, and that the construction of permanent IBM facilities will happen soon.

The budget allocated for the construction of permanent IBM facilities from IPA funds for both countries is over 21 million.

As for the agreement on opening the two new border crossing points between Kosovo and Serbia, Minister Tahiri stated “The opening of the border crossing point at Kapia Sfricës will maximally facilitate free movement of Albanians of the Presevo Valley and especially those from Medvegje because it will shorten the journey for about 100 km. In other words, now through this border crossing point, people will be able to come to Kosova by road for only 28 kilometers. Furthermore, this new crossing point will enable our Diaspora an easier access to Kosovo, particularly during the summer and holiday period “.

Based on experts’ analyses, this new border crossing point will help to improve the economic situation of residents of this zone as the terrain is very suitable for rural tourism.

It was further discussed that another border crossing point will be opened in the northern part of Kosovo respectively near the municipality of Zubin Potok, whose functionality will contribute to the fight against negative phenomena such as smuggling.

At this meeting, it was concluded that the implementation of the agreement has been satisfactory.

Parties discussed on the further advancement of the agreement on freedom of movement and the elimination of bureaucratic procedures from the Serbian side, especially during the summer season, when the flow of movement at border crossings points with Serbia increases,  because of the Kosovo diaspora visits.

The delegation of the Republic of Kosovo consisted of Minister Edita Tahiri; Besnik Osmani, secretary-general of MLGA; Arben Çitaku, secretary-general of MESP; Driton Gashi, secretary-general of MIA; Lulzim Rafuna, director of Kosovo Customs; Dren Zeka, senior political adviser and coordinator for IBM; Fisnik Rexhepi, member of the Group for implementation and senior adviser to Minister Çollaku; Qemajl Marmullakaj, director of the Office of Strategic Planning at the OPM; Shaban Guda, member of the group for implementation; Bekim Mehmetaj and Bashkim Arifi from Kosovo Customs.