The Agreement on the so-called “Civil Protection” was reached

Prishtina, 26 March 2015

On 26 March, 2015, Kosovo government announced that Kosovo and Serbia have reached an agreement on the issue of Civil Protection, with the mediation of the European Union.

On this occasion Minister for Dialogue Edita Tahiri stated as follows: “Reaching this agreement between the three parties, Kosovo, Serbia and the EU has a great importance because it puts an end to the operation of the illegal structure called “Civil Protection” and enables the integration of its former members in the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo”.

The negotiation process has been long and tiring.

This agreement envisages the dissolution of the paramilitary structure and the integration of its personnel, in the institutions of Kosovo. It also specifies the obligations of the parties and implementation timelines.

Minister Tahiri continued that she ”would like to thank the European Union for a successful job for mediation of this agreement as well as the U.S. for the support and commitment to this process.”