The meeting on the Vehicle License Plates

Brussels, 19 October 2016

On 19 October 2016, a trilateral meeting was held in Brussels with regards to the implementation of the agreement reached on 14 September 2016, which calls for reciprocity in vehicle license plates between the two countries.

At this meeting, the delegation of the Republic of Kosovo, confirmed that all institutions of Kosovo, as the Ministry for Dialogue, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kosovo Police, etc. are working intensively to implement the obligations deriving from this agreement.

Serbian side also confirmed the readiness to implement the agreement and presented the progress as for the preparatory process.

Parties further discussed on the removal of illegal vehicle plates that are still in use by citizens in northern municipalities.

At this meeting, the Kosovo delegation reported on the progress that was made as for the opening of the offices of civil registration in the four northern municipalities; which will provide civil status documents to the citizens of Kosovo.

The delegation of the Republic of Kosovo was led by Minister Edita Tahiri and comprised of: Dren Zeka, coordinator of the issue; Elona Cecelia, coordinator on the issue of offices; Qemajl Marmullakaj, Director of the Office of Strategic Planning at OPM, Shaban Guda from the Kosovo Police; and Haxhi Bajraktari from Kosovo Embassy in Brussels.