A meeting on the Implementation of Customs Agreement

Brussels, 6 November 2013

The latest meeting of the working group on implementing the customs agreement was held in Brussels, in which they discussed its implementation process. In addition, part of the discussion addressed the collection of customs taxes at two border crossing points at Jarinje and Bërnjak, as well as the modalities of registering companies that operate in the northern part of the country in line with the laws of the Republic of Kosovo.

The parties also talked about the preparations being made to start the work on the Development Fund, which will be a concrete instrument to achieve the necessary socio-economic investments in the northern part of the country.

The engagement of all parties was sought to prevent obstacles contrary to the spirit of this agreement and the First Agreement on Normalization of Relations between the two countries.

The Kosovo delegation included Bajram Rexha and Bekim Mehmetaj from the Kosovo Customs, Gazmir Raci, political advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri,  Fisnik Rexhepi, advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Menderes Ibra, political advisor to the Minister of Finance and Visar Xani, political advisor to Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri.