A bilateral meeting on Telecom was held in Brussels

Brussels, 28 May 2016

On 28 May 2016, Kosovo delegation held the next round of dialogue talks on the issue of telecom with European Union representatives.

The delegation of Kosovo, headed by Minister for Dialogue Edita Tahiri, discussed on the issue of the telephony country code for Kosovo.

Minister Tahiri confirmed that “Kosovo has met all its obligations for the agreement for the country code”, emphasizing Serbia’s failures in this regard.

She asked the European Union to step up with more efforts to unblock this issue.

The delegation on the issue of telecom was headed by Minister Tahiri and comprised of: Gazmir Raci, political coordinator for the telecom and adviser to the Minister Tahiri; Kreshnik Gashi, chairman of the board of RAEPC; Ilir Imeri, head of the Department of Electronic Communications in RAEPC; Visar Halimi, Head of Frequency Management Department in RAEPC; Elona Cecelia, political advisor of minister Tahiri; and Haxhi Bajraktari, minister counsellor at the Embassy of Kosovo in Brussels.