Kosovo and Serbia reached the Agreement and Action Plan on Energy

Pristina, 18 October 2014

On 18 October, 2014, the Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri held a press conference. She informed on the positive developments regarding the agreements that were reached in Brussels.

In this press conference, Chief of KOSTT Mr. Naim Bejtullahu, participated as well.

In the process of dialogue and at the last meeting we had in Brussels I approved the action plan for energy. In other words, the plan is adopted for the implementation of the energy agreement after talks that lasted a year. In September 2013 energy agreement was signed by the Prime Ministers of both countries and Ms. Ashton. The implementation plan is finalized. In the meantime, an agreement is reached between the two authorities in both countries for the transmission of energy, respectively KOSTT from our side and counterpart authority in Serbia. This was achieved through mediation and is signed by the European Union” stated Tahiri.

Further, she continued that signing of these agreements marks the opening of a new chapter for interstate cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia, according to European standards. Kosovo Government considers that interstate cooperation on energy issues is very important not only for increasing the energy quality for the citizens of both countries, but also for regional energy stability. “With this, we as a country are meeting the standards for good neighborhood relations in all areas, even in the field of energy. In fact, these are the conditions for all countries that aspire the EU membership”, said Tahiri.

It is very important to note that this agreement extinguished all illegal electricity operators that have operated in the northern part of our country. Now begins the process of normalization of the energy in four municipalities in the north and this is good news for all our citizens. Regarding compensation, especially for energy transmission both countries are encouraged to cooperate in areas of interest for European integration and regional integration” further emphasized Deputy Prime Minister, Edita Tahiri.