Another meeting on Telecommunications took place in Brussels

Brussels, 28 January 2014


Headed by Deputy Prime Minister, Edita Tahiri, the delegation of Kosovo participated in the next meeting on telecommunications matters held in Brussels.

In this meeting, the delegations of both countries, Kosovo and Serbia, talked on the action plan for the telecom agreement.

Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri stated this was the second meeting focused on the implementation of the telecommunications agreement and that a considerable progress was made, in every aspect, in terms of defining obligations and timeframes for both parties.

She was optimistic that the action plan could be completed soon, which would pave the way for practical implementation of the agreement.

Kosovo delegation mentioned their request to European Union for launching preparations to support Kosovo in receiving a country code from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

During the meeting, parties discussed on the implementation of the roaming agreement between the operators of both states; which would lower the tariffs in mobile telephony. Parties also agreed that the frequency borders between the two states should be respected and that there should be no intrusions in the frequency borders of the other.

The delegation of the Republic of Kosovo headed by Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri was composed of: Gazmir Raci, political advisor and subject coordinator; Ekrem Hoxha, chairman of the Post and Electronic Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Board (ARKEP); Besnik Berisha, board member of ARKEP; Ilir Imeri, head of the ARKEP Electronic Communications Board; Besim Rexhepi from the Frequency Management Department at the Independent Media Commission; Shpetim Qerimi, PTK Project Manager; and Robert Erzin, IPKO Executive Director.