The issue of Border Vehicle Insurance was discussed in Brussels

Prishtina, 18 January 2014

The Kosovo delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri, participated in the meeting of the implementation group for Free Movement Agreement, where they discussed the issue of vehicle border insurance.

The meeting was held between the delegation of Kosovo and EU mediators and focused on achieving a framework agreement on vehicle border insurance.

This agreement, if reached, would greatly contribute to lowering the border insurance tariffs and would, in turn, facilitate freedom of movement between the two neighboring countries.

It was a common assessment of the Kosovo delegation and the EU mediators that a permanent solution on lowering of tariffs and on the facilitation of border crossings is the mutual objective. Therefore, this meeting was fruitful in achieving the consent of the parties, which was expected to result in a Memorandum of Understanding between the Kosovo Insurance Bureau, as legitimate representative of the insurance industry, and the Insurance Association of Serbia.

The parties also agreed on the further steps towards achieving the agreement.

The Kosovo delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri comprised of: Mr. Qemajl Marmullakaj from the Office of the Prime Minister, as vehicle insurance coordinator and a delegation from the Kosovo Insurance Bureau.