Justice and Security Working Groups held meetings in Brussels

Brussels, 26 September 2013

Two-day working meetings on justice and security matters ended on 26 September 2013 as part of the implementation of the agreement on normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

The discussions focused on advancing the integration process of Serbs from the northern part of the country in the institutions of Kosovo, in the field of security and justice. Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri said that the Serbian party has not submitted the list of persons who want to become part of the Kosovo Police, yet, despite the fact that the list should have been submitted on 16 September in line with Brussels’ conclusions and despite the fact that the Serbian party had promised to meet that obligation. In the absence of such a list, in this round of discussion, the expected results could not be met. The Kosovo side has met all its obligations so far and has announced that without the submission of the list, the implementation process cannot progress.

Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri said that the European Union has positively assessed the fact that the amnesty law will enter into force in the coming week and that it will facilitate the path for integration of Serb judges and prosecutors, who want to become part of the justice institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.

Tahiri requested from Serbia to not delay the process of the implementation of agreements, but genuinely meet its obligations as a party in the dialogue.

Other aspects related to the implementation of the 19 April agreement were also addressed, and it was a joint conclusion that the completion of the dissolution process of illegal justice and security structures and completion of the integration process will help the normalization of the situation in the northern part of the country and normalization of relations between the two states.